iPhone4 and instagram

Now I am guessing most of you are thinking that I will talk about how much I love my iPhone and instagram, well…uh…no, sadly.

The iPhone4
(Please note- I realize I am NOT a professional photographer- just recreational, but I do enjoy taking photos…)
Overall I think it is a good “phone” (though I hardly use it as a “phone”) but I miss my Droid. They both have a 5Megapixel camera but what a difference! I miss my Droid camera phone.
Do I just not know how to use my iPhone camera properly? I have tried the HDR mode and see some difference, but it is still not nearly as clear and crisp and detailed as the Droid. Plus, it annoys me that I now have 2 photos I have to deal with… Anyone have any tips, tricks, or recommendations?

There are numerous articles out there that compare the 2 iPhone4 vs. Droid camera. And I think most say the iPhone is better, but I disagree)  Here are a couple –> http://www.geeksugar.com/iPhone-vs-Droid-Camera-Part-Two-7160295http://tnkgrl.wordpress.com/2010/09/25/apple-iphone-4-vs-motorola-droid-x-camera/; and some on flickr –> http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattbuchanan/sets/72157624228235507/with/4732606496/

I do not know why or how instagram is so popular. How is it that poor quality photos have become so popular? Is it to make up for the lower quality iPhone photos? I DO think they create an interesting effect and is great for certain shots, but overall, I am not a fan. Maybe I need to use it more?

My pup      My pup

(photo on the left taken with an iPhone4; photo on the right taken with a Driod GalaxyS)