A few details…

I love looking at photos of details…mainly jewelry, shoes, accessories, what people are wearing on their wrists, clutches with the pop of nail polish color, things like that. Here is my attempt at shots like those…

green and leopard detail

L'Oreal club prive and MK purse

nails, ring, necklace

Nails – L’Oreal – club prive
Ring – Bill Bunnell (Retired jewelry artist- one of my favorites!)
Necklace- modified the original from Target – my imitation of Giada’s necklaces and the gorgeous Tiffany one (below).

Giada TiffanyDiamondsByTheYard



For a few years now I have really liked the color GREEN (for clothing). It seems really popular now- even in Nail Polish! I saw the polish a few weeks ago and thought “no, I won’t wear green nail polish…”. Then I went back to CVS to look for it- Revlon POSH was the color on the model in the ad- and I went to get it to just “look at it” and they were OUT! WHAT??? How could this happen?? It’s not like they had a whole shelf of them in the display, actually I think there were only 2 to begin with, but I scoured all of the various nail polish displays to see if I could find POSH. No luck. OK, breathe…there are 1. other green nail polishes and 2. other CVS stores I can go to to look for it. While I was looking through the other nail polish selections of Sally Hansen, Essie, Milani, and Orly, I did find a Revlon in Emerald (below). (All Lacquered Up has GREAT photos and review of this color. In fact, I don’t know 1. how she paints her nails so immaculately or 2. how she gets such great photos!

So off I went (immediately) to another CVS. Whew! I found it-Posh the beautiful green color I was looking for…but…wait…Emerald was there too.  Well, long story short, I ended up getting both. Yes, I know…terrible. But I just couldn’t stand it- they were both so pretty. Honestly I can’t really remember what the difference was- but I think my thoughts were- Revlon Emerald is a little darker and good for the fall/winter while Revlon Posh was a little brighter (more yellow perhaps) and thus better for spring summer. So…since it is winter…I am wearing Emerald.

(Thank you to all of the work All Lacquered Up and Vampy Varnish have done on these colors- they give a more comprehensive review and true to color photos.)