Slaw, salads, and carbs


Always on the quest for yummy food as well good-for-you food I found this site which has amazing photos and recipes.

I tried a simplified version of the Roasted Sesame Winter Slaw and it’s pretty good- and only 3 ingredients! I used red cabbage, carrots and a yummy tahini sauce from Trader Joe’s.


While I do enjoy healthy and good-for-you foods, I also love carbs and I soo want to try this Easy Buffalo Chicken Stromboli. Maybe I can try it and work to make this recipe a little healthier…

Pillsbury Easy Buffalo Chicken Stromboli

Answers to Monday’s questions…

1. Is Nigeria a third world country? (when I googled this I found conflicting information- so I will let you look through this and decide)
Definitions of First, Second, and Third World Countries.

2. Is pneumonia contagious?

3. Who was the youngest US president?
Theodore Roosevelt – 42 years 322 days old

(I usually credit him with starting the National Park Service– but after a brief search it looks like that was Woodrow Wilson (who is on the $100,000 bill– who knew??). Although Theodore Roosevelt is credited with creating five new national parks.)

100,000 bill

100,000 bill obverse

4. What year did slavery end?
Emancipation Proclamation – 1863
13th Amendment – 1865

Emancipation Proclamation

5. Who is the largest private employer?
Walmartemploying 2.1 million

Hope you learned something…I know I did!


The Help, NOTD, and Smarter than a Fifth Grader…

Ahh- another weekend come and gone. We were fortunate and had nice, almost balmy weather on Saturday and on Sunday it was cold, sleeting, and then it turned to snow! (and by Thursday of this week it is going to be 70 degrees!)

Movie: The Help

Over the weekend we rented the movie The Help. No, I have not read the book– which is a little unusual for me, but ever since the book club I was in stopped meeting (gulp, it has been a few years now), I have not read as much.  I had heard a lot of buzz about the book and the movie so we decided to rent it for $1.26 from Redbox. I do like Redbox and cannot understand why OnDemand does not charge less- especially for the older movies- I would pay $2 to see a movie from OnDemand and not have to leave the house. Yes, there are a handful of movies for $1.99 but it seems each time I check, there is nothing I want to see. I should check again- it has been a while since I have looked at the OnDemand listing.

The movie was good- entertaining and thought-provoking. I can’t imagine living through those times. Sadly, racism is still prevalent …how do you end it? This is interesting timing though since the  ESPN editor was fired for the racial slur used in one of their headlines about NY Knicks player Jeremy Lin. And Saturday Night Live (SNL), always on top of the current news, did their skit about this- Linsanity Cold Open. Am I promoting it by placing these items on my blog? I hope not…


This color is L’Oreal’s Club Prive (3 thin coats). For those of you with an observant eye for detail- yes, there is one coat of…Sinful Colors Mint Apple on my index finger. Yes, the colors are similar- yes, I can see a slight difference and I am sure many of you can too, and yes, I have a bit of a nail polish problem.


And- funny observation- I think this color was inspired by…no, not the beautiful waters off the coast of…no, not the beautiful color boxes that Tiffany jewels come in- no…I think it was inspired by Xerox….

Nail polish inspired by...copier

(I am  Not ) Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

Here were the questions- (for answers to these questions check back later this week. Or, if you can’t stand it, you can always Google it.)

1. Is Nigeria a third world country?

2. Is pneumonia contagious?

3. Who was the youngest US president?

4. What year did slavery end?

5. Who is the largest private employer?

For more questions you can watch the TV Show or visit – Fun Education.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret


Interesting theme for a photo. I try not to live my life with any regrets, and as many of you have probably heard-usually you do not regret the things you have done, usually you regret the things you did not do. Ironically, I did not get to take a photo of what thinking of for regret- but I hope to get to that this weekend.

I took a couple of photos- but not anything REALLY regretful (fortunately). Though the photo of the eaten red velvet cupcake may look like I am posting it because I regret eating it, I do NOT! I regret that it was all gone!! 🙂 There is a lady here dubbed “The Cake Lady” who makes the most DELICIOUS cakes (and cupcakes). This was red velvet on Valentines Day and it was delicious.

I did sneak a peek at one other person’s “Regret” photo of the week and I really like what they wrote to accompany their photo.

“No photographs of the things I regret having done, or things I haven’t done that I wish I had….the regret of not sending the birthday card in time, not calling on the phone in time, not leaving early enough in the day to be there to say good bye. The disappointment and sorrow of the human kind not in the archives.  A true challenge to come up with a response to the challenge.”

Red Velvet Cupcake...all gone  coffee

Next week’s photo theme is Down – take the challenge- you won’t “Regret” it.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day! (NOTD)

Hope you are enjoying Valentine’s Day- either with a loved one- family, friend, furry, or hopefully all of the above!

I love going green as much as I can, so when I saw this- I thought these are some neat ideas!

Green Valentine’s Day ideas
More Green-ish ideas

And this was the cutest- a cat licking a chocolate lab– and it makes him smile! Yes, I am partial to this because I have a chocolate lab too. Found the video on Huffington, but I think it may have come from PetTube?

And I did change my nail color- though I did love my Emerald green. I really like this one too- Sinful Colors Daredevil. It gives off a certain wattage I am sure. Not as cute of a manicure as Polish and Pearls, but definitely in the spirit of Valentine’s Day!



Birthday! (Part 1 – work)

How fun to have a B-day celebration at work…when you have fun coworkers. They decorated, picked up lunch from my favorite sandwich place (Coppola’s Deli-where everything is super tasty, but the Grilled Smoked Turkey (below) on their homemade bread is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! please be sure to say “delicious” about 10 octaves higher), AND they topped it all off with a yummy, homemade dessert (below)! Let the celebration and eating begin!!
Copolla's Grilled Smoked Turkey   Homemade Eclair cake


For a few years now I have really liked the color GREEN (for clothing). It seems really popular now- even in Nail Polish! I saw the polish a few weeks ago and thought “no, I won’t wear green nail polish…”. Then I went back to CVS to look for it- Revlon POSH was the color on the model in the ad- and I went to get it to just “look at it” and they were OUT! WHAT??? How could this happen?? It’s not like they had a whole shelf of them in the display, actually I think there were only 2 to begin with, but I scoured all of the various nail polish displays to see if I could find POSH. No luck. OK, breathe…there are 1. other green nail polishes and 2. other CVS stores I can go to to look for it. While I was looking through the other nail polish selections of Sally Hansen, Essie, Milani, and Orly, I did find a Revlon in Emerald (below). (All Lacquered Up has GREAT photos and review of this color. In fact, I don’t know 1. how she paints her nails so immaculately or 2. how she gets such great photos!

So off I went (immediately) to another CVS. Whew! I found it-Posh the beautiful green color I was looking for…but…wait…Emerald was there too.  Well, long story short, I ended up getting both. Yes, I know…terrible. But I just couldn’t stand it- they were both so pretty. Honestly I can’t really remember what the difference was- but I think my thoughts were- Revlon Emerald is a little darker and good for the fall/winter while Revlon Posh was a little brighter (more yellow perhaps) and thus better for spring summer. So…since it is winter…I am wearing Emerald.

(Thank you to all of the work All Lacquered Up and Vampy Varnish have done on these colors- they give a more comprehensive review and true to color photos.)

iPhone4 and instagram

Now I am guessing most of you are thinking that I will talk about how much I love my iPhone and instagram, well…uh…no, sadly.

The iPhone4
(Please note- I realize I am NOT a professional photographer- just recreational, but I do enjoy taking photos…)
Overall I think it is a good “phone” (though I hardly use it as a “phone”) but I miss my Droid. They both have a 5Megapixel camera but what a difference! I miss my Droid camera phone.
Do I just not know how to use my iPhone camera properly? I have tried the HDR mode and see some difference, but it is still not nearly as clear and crisp and detailed as the Droid. Plus, it annoys me that I now have 2 photos I have to deal with… Anyone have any tips, tricks, or recommendations?

There are numerous articles out there that compare the 2 iPhone4 vs. Droid camera. And I think most say the iPhone is better, but I disagree)  Here are a couple –>; and some on flickr –>

I do not know why or how instagram is so popular. How is it that poor quality photos have become so popular? Is it to make up for the lower quality iPhone photos? I DO think they create an interesting effect and is great for certain shots, but overall, I am not a fan. Maybe I need to use it more?

My pup      My pup

(photo on the left taken with an iPhone4; photo on the right taken with a Driod GalaxyS)