Illustrator Practice – simple landscape

Illustrator practice from the Blog Spoon Graphics Tutorial

Practice image using Illustrator – using the tutorial from

Wanting to better my Illustrator skills I found this tutorial on Blog Spoon Graphics. It was a good exercise for me, especially since this is not really a style (vintage) I really use, but I do like. The color pallet was also one that was different from one that I would use, so a nice variety for me. Thank you to Chris Spooner at Blog Spoon Graphics and all of the websites and web peeps who put all of their great material out there!


Navy and Orange

Navy and Orange

Equipment orange blouse
$250 –

Dolman top

Red valentino
$680 –

Skunkfunk a line skirt
$99 –

Kate spade jewelry

Oversized watch

O clock
$15 –

Black, white and green

Black, white and green

Oasis knit top
$69 –

Kelly green blazer

Oasis short skirt
$27 –

Sergio rossi

Adidas logo watch

Norma kamali eyewear



Black white dress
$26 –

Tote bag

Rumbatime watch

Crystal jewelry