Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop, Claire’s Candy Shop = NOTD

I became aware obsessed with the Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop polish when I read about it on Nouveau Cheap’s website, where she showed how to make a dupe of the polish. To try to recreate this gem, I found a few glitters that I think would work, but I never really found a pink that I thought would do it justice. Then one day (a couple of weeks ago now) I saw on Nouveau Cheap’s website that there was a DUPE at Claire’s!

I did make it over to a Claire’s (without speeding or breaking any laws)- tossed the young kids aside that were in my way there (just kidding) and made my way to the bins of nail polishes. Holding my breath and crossing my fingers, I was hoping there would be a Candy Shop polish there. Hooray for good karma (and swimming lessons when I was young), there it was! (Cue the spotlight and the “ahhhh” soundtrack.)  Below you can see it on my nails (I think this was 3 thin coats)…it looks much better in person or at Glamonthecheap.

That was about a week ago. This week I have Sinful Colors – Forget Now on my nails.

Sinful Colors Forget Now

Looking back I wore quite a bit of pink in February…I wonder what color March will have in store!


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