Slaw, salads, and carbs


Always on the quest for yummy food as well good-for-you food I found this site which has amazing photos and recipes.

I tried a simplified version of the Roasted Sesame Winter Slaw and it’s pretty good- and only 3 ingredients! I used red cabbage, carrots and a yummy tahini sauce from Trader Joe’s.


While I do enjoy healthy and good-for-you foods, I also love carbs and I soo want to try this Easy Buffalo Chicken Stromboli. Maybe I can try it and work to make this recipe a little healthier…

Pillsbury Easy Buffalo Chicken Stromboli

Answers to Monday’s questions…

1. Is Nigeria a third world country? (when I googled this I found conflicting information- so I will let you look through this and decide)
Definitions of First, Second, and Third World Countries.

2. Is pneumonia contagious?

3. Who was the youngest US president?
Theodore Roosevelt – 42 years 322 days old

(I usually credit him with starting the National Park Service– but after a brief search it looks like that was Woodrow Wilson (who is on the $100,000 bill– who knew??). Although Theodore Roosevelt is credited with creating five new national parks.)

100,000 bill

100,000 bill obverse

4. What year did slavery end?
Emancipation Proclamation – 1863
13th Amendment – 1865

Emancipation Proclamation

5. Who is the largest private employer?
Walmartemploying 2.1 million

Hope you learned something…I know I did!


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