Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret


Interesting theme for a photo. I try not to live my life with any regrets, and as many of you have probably heard-usually you do not regret the things you have done, usually you regret the things you did not do. Ironically, I did not get to take a photo of what thinking of for regret- but I hope to get to that this weekend.

I took a couple of photos- but not anything REALLY regretful (fortunately). Though the photo of the eaten red velvet cupcake may look like I am posting it because I regret eating it, I do NOT! I regret that it was all gone!! 🙂 There is a lady here dubbed “The Cake Lady” who makes the most DELICIOUS cakes (and cupcakes). This was red velvet on Valentines Day and it was delicious.

I did sneak a peek at one other person’s “Regret” photo of the week and I really like what they wrote to accompany their photo.

“No photographs of the things I regret having done, or things I haven’t done that I wish I had….the regret of not sending the birthday card in time, not calling on the phone in time, not leaving early enough in the day to be there to say good bye. The disappointment and sorrow of the human kind not in the archives.  A true challenge to come up with a response to the challenge.”

Red Velvet Cupcake...all gone  coffee

Next week’s photo theme is Down – take the challenge- you won’t “Regret” it.


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