Illustrator Practice – simple landscape

Illustrator practice from the Blog Spoon Graphics Tutorial

Practice image using Illustrator – using the tutorial from

Wanting to better my Illustrator skills I found this tutorial on Blog Spoon Graphics. It was a good exercise for me, especially since this is not really a style (vintage) I really use, but I do like. The color pallet was also one that was different from one that I would use, so a nice variety for me. Thank you to Chris Spooner at Blog Spoon Graphics and all of the websites and web peeps who put all of their great material out there!


Navy and Orange

Navy and Orange

Equipment orange blouse
$250 –

Dolman top

Red valentino
$680 –

Skunkfunk a line skirt
$99 –

Kate spade jewelry

Oversized watch

O clock
$15 –

Black, white and green

Black, white and green

Oasis knit top
$69 –

Kelly green blazer

Oasis short skirt
$27 –

Sergio rossi

Adidas logo watch

Norma kamali eyewear



Black white dress
$26 –

Tote bag

Rumbatime watch

Crystal jewelry

Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop, Claire’s Candy Shop = NOTD

I became aware obsessed with the Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop polish when I read about it on Nouveau Cheap’s website, where she showed how to make a dupe of the polish. To try to recreate this gem, I found a few glitters that I think would work, but I never really found a pink that I thought would do it justice. Then one day (a couple of weeks ago now) I saw on Nouveau Cheap’s website that there was a DUPE at Claire’s!

I did make it over to a Claire’s (without speeding or breaking any laws)- tossed the young kids aside that were in my way there (just kidding) and made my way to the bins of nail polishes. Holding my breath and crossing my fingers, I was hoping there would be a Candy Shop polish there. Hooray for good karma (and swimming lessons when I was young), there it was! (Cue the spotlight and the “ahhhh” soundtrack.)  Below you can see it on my nails (I think this was 3 thin coats)…it looks much better in person or at Glamonthecheap.

That was about a week ago. This week I have Sinful Colors – Forget Now on my nails.

Sinful Colors Forget Now

Looking back I wore quite a bit of pink in February…I wonder what color March will have in store!

Photo of the Week – Down

OK- I am cheating…just taking random photos…but I do have to say so far this challenge is:

1. getting me to take more photos

2. getting me to look at things with intent (which is what I think about when I see Georgia O’Keefe’s work- flowers so close up that you lose the “flower” and just see the color and/or the shape)

which is why I wanted to sign up for this challenge…let’s hope the inspiration continues!

Theme: Down (I like the pattern/details in this one)


Here is one of my cheat photos-


And here is a gratuitous picture of my pup. Awww- cutie!


(This pose reminds me of Hong Kong Phooey…now who remembers that cartoon?)

hong kong phooey

A few details…

I love looking at photos of details…mainly jewelry, shoes, accessories, what people are wearing on their wrists, clutches with the pop of nail polish color, things like that. Here is my attempt at shots like those…

green and leopard detail

L'Oreal club prive and MK purse

nails, ring, necklace

Nails – L’Oreal – club prive
Ring – Bill Bunnell (Retired jewelry artist- one of my favorites!)
Necklace- modified the original from Target – my imitation of Giada’s necklaces and the gorgeous Tiffany one (below).

Giada TiffanyDiamondsByTheYard